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  3. Pizzagrrrl Burgör Head 2013


  4. GOT A REQUEST A LONG TIME AGO TO POST MAH FACE, because someone thought we looked alike… HERE IT IS. Showing you mah bitchface (although the best of that goes to Tavi @ Rookie, just sayin)

    so anon, do we look alike? 


  5. My mood today. 


  6. Let’s have a séance together


  7. A friend of mine made this, check his tumblr out!

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  9. This is an original gif I made. The photos are from a summer adventure!


  10. Hello peeps! A couple of you sweeties have been asking if I read Rookie. I just wanted to get one thing clear first: this is a subtumblr so I can’t answer you directly in the askbox, though I love love love that you ask me stuff, it makes my days somewhat more brighter! 

    And YES! I do read Rookie and I hold the computer screen close to my heart while doing so, it’s a great webmag!